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Our practice provides cutting edge neuropathy treatment that requires NO SURGERY OR ADDICTIVE MEDICATIONS.  Our proprietary and comprehensive treatment program utilizes up to 8 different state-of-the-art technologies and is unlike any treatment program you may have already experienced.

Re-Activate Your Life!

 Has Neuropathy Pain Slowed You Down?
  • Are you missing out on life events because of your numbness and tingling in your hands or feet?
  • Have you lost freedoms such as driving due to feeling loss in your feet?
  • ​Are you not enjoying life and the activities you used to do because it just hurts to move?
  • ​Are you worrying yourself sick and always in a bad mood? 

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to get your life back.

Non-Medication Treatment for Neuropathy and Chronic Nerve Discomfort is Available!

Get Your Freedom Back!

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where nerves are damaged causing weakness, burning pain, numbness, tingling, and debilitating balance problems. The damage to the nerves can be caused by many different problems in the body. Poor blood flow to the nerves, toxic levels of sugar in the blood (diabetes), chronic infections, pesticide exposure and genetic variants are a few of the causes of this debilitating condition. The cause is different for every patient and it must be discovered to help the nerves heal!

Common Symptoms of Neuropathy Include:

  • Numbness/Tingling
  • ​Burning Pain
  • ​Unusual and/or loss of sensations
  • ​Muscle Weakness
  • ​Deep Stabbing Pain
  • ​Balance Problems
Another common cause of nerve damage is auto-immunity.

Auto-immune diseases are diseases where the immune system mistakenly starts to attack the body. That’s right! Many times the immune system is actually killing the nerves of peripheral neuropathy sufferers. This is why thorough testing is vitally important to helping peripheral neuropathy.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, now is the time to schedule a free consultation to see how our treatment can help!

Qualified Licensed Doctor

You can be 100% certain that our doctor is board certified and highly qualified, extensively educated and experienced in treating conditions just like yours. 

State-Of-The Art Technology

We utilize the newest and best technology in our neuropathy treatment programs to help you get better fast! We use things like electromagnetic infrared therapy, low-level light therapy, electrostimulation, advanced nutrition protocols and more.

98% Success Rate

This natural approach to treating neuropathy has a 98% success rate and has helped countless people in our  and around the country regain their mobility and return to the normal daily activities of life.

Life is much more enjoyable when you aren’t living in pain!

Neuropathy can slow you down and limit even your most basic daily activities. 

Neuropathy pain is caused by damage to nerves in the feet, legs, and hands. There are many conditions that can cause neuropathy, such as diabetes, chemotherapy, traumatic injury, just to name a few. Many people don’t even know that they have neuropathy, they just know they experience life changing pain on a daily basis. Neuropathy symptoms, such as pain, numbness, tingling, electric-like shock sensations or burning in the legs, hands, and feet, start out slowly and gradually increase over time. For some, the loss of sensation in their feet means they can’t feel the gas pedal while driving. That’s enough to cause a great deal of concern.

This Is Your Chance To See If We Can Help You Get Your Life Back!

See What Our Patients Are Saying:

Neuropathy Relief In Two Months!

Decreased Pain & Improved Balance!

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Neuropathy is caused by many factors, some of which being depleted oxygen in the body or even poor circulation. One of the most common symptoms of neuropathy is cold extremities.

As we see in the picture above, this patient has very low temperatures in their feet. Ideally, the feet should be a vibrant glowing yellow. The darker the color, the more severe the nerve-damage. It is also common for the toes and balls of the feet to be most severe.
After only the first 90 days of treatment, the same patient has seen drastic positive changes. Her pain has decreased and her balance is improving daily, but her thermal images show us so much more.

Now we can see that the vibrant healthy glow has been restored. When the feet are in severe purple tones, it can take a long time to regenerate the nerves. Each side of the body heals at its own pace. To see such a change in a brief amount of time is a blessing for this patient. Our treatments can provide patients with ongoing relief even 12-18 months after beginning their program.

No one wants to lose their freedom to walk, drive a car, or be a part of family activities. 

It's time to say goodbye to pain and suffering.

There is a solution. Care Chiropractic & Neuropathy Center has a neuropathy program that can improve your quality of life. The program is centered around a complete evaluation and the design of a treatment plan that is specific to each patient’s needs. It all starts with several neurological tests to determine the root cause and severity of the nerve damage. The treatment program uses state-of-the art, low-level cell signal technology that produces electric cell signals and sends them throughout the nervous system. These signals accelerate the body’s ability to repair the nerve damage caused by neuropathy.

 The body has an incredible ability to repair and heal itself, but sometimes it needs help doing so. The treatment works in conjunction with the body’s built-in system, is painless, and FDA cleared. There are no drugs, injections, or surgeries. Much of the treatment program can even be conducted in your own home. This natural approach to treating neuropathy has a 98% success rate and has helped countless number of people regain their mobility and return to the normal daily activities of life.

Neuropathy Pain In Feet Gone After 1 Month! 

We provide a Safe and Effective, New Choice for Neuropathy Sufferers.

Our clinic offers a non-invasive and non-surgical therapy protocol that combines the best of cutting edge medical treatments to help resolve your neuropathy suffering. We want to make sure that you have the confidence you need, so we’ve designed an extensive diagnostic evaluation process to help us find out if you’re a candidate for our program.

We are offering our neuropathy reversal consultation for FREE so you can see if you are a candidate. At the neuropathy consultation we will discuss symptoms, common medical history, treatment options, and whether a one on one evaluation with the doctor is needed.

This extensive evaluation will give you ALL the information that you need to know before starting treatment so you can be assured if you will have success with your neuropathy pain program.

Rachel is finally able to play with her kids at the water park again!

The tingling in my legs & feet has lessened greatly & I am able to walk & sleep so much better! He is also helping me with some hip/back pain that I have from a long-ago injury. He is always thinking about new ways to get me stronger.

Margie's Testimonial

" My neuropathy and other problems are all under control! I know I just have to keep doing my part!! Determination is the biggest key!

Ruth Can Feel Her Feet Again - After Only 1 Week!

Thermal Images

What do these pictures mean?

Thermal Imaging is a powerful tool designed to tell us about circulation in the extremities. Neuropathy, or Nerve-Damage, is proven to cause a depletion in nutrients.

THE LEFT PICTURE:  The purple and pink tones indicate decreased circulation and a lack of oxygen.

THE RIGHT PICTURE:  Bright and vibrant yellow extremities indicate healthy levels of Nitric-Oxide and improved circulation. 

The goal with our natural treatments is to increase the circulation and nutrients in the body to reduce symptoms.

Better Balance in Just Barely 3 Weeks

Glen is looking forward to future improvements with his Peripheral Neuropathy.
Within his first few visits, he is noticing a difference in his feet, and he is getting stronger day by day!

"I haven't had anymore pain!"

James started treatment for his Neuropathy about a month ago...and his life is improving as each day goes on.

Avoiding Unnecessary Surgery & Healing Neuropathy

Carlos was told that he needed surgery in order to help his healing...he decided to post-pone it by 90 days to see if we could avoid surgery altogether. Carlos has seen 56% sensory improvement since starting his program and no longer needs surgery!

Getting Back To The Things You Love

Cynthia loves the beach and for a long time she hasn't been able to enjoy walking in the sand. Only 3 months into her program and she enjoyed 5 days at the beach!

Kimberly's Neuropathy Journey

Only 40 days into her program and Kimberly is seeing amazing results. When she first began treatment, she was using a cane to comfortably stay active. Now it has been weeks without it! Kimberly has seen 65% sensory improvement in just 90 days.

Positive Changes After 
1 Month

Brenda suffered with the 'rubber band' feeling for years...Now after 1 month she is feeling positive changes. She couldn't be happier! 

Ready To Have Your Own Success Story?

If you are ready to improve your overall health, reduce reliance on pain medication, and regain your vitality for life we are ready to help!
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